Actress-Playwrite, 2015, (oil on canvas)

  • Julie Held
  • Private Collection
  • oil on canvas

Act 2 Scene 2. Then the doorbell rang, 2015 (Acrylic and ink on canvas)

  • Lee Sellers
  • Private Collection
  • acrylic and ink on canvas

Liz Taylor and her 1st husband Nicholas Conrad Hilton Jr., Paris, 1950 (b/w photo)

  • black and white photograph

Helena Modjeska, from ‘The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine’, published 1884 (litho)

  • Wyatt Eaton
  • Private Collection
  • lithograph

Le Printemps (Jeanne Demarsy), 1881 (oil on canvas)

  • Edouard Manet
  • J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA
  • oil on canvas

Gloria Swanson (b/w photo)

  • American Photographer
  • black and white photograph

Gloria Swanson (b/w photo)

  • American Photographer
  • black and white photograph

L’actrice americaine Jane Fonda vers 1965 — The American Actress Jane Fonda c. 1965

Corinne Calvet (1925 – 2001), French Actress.

American Actress and Singer Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962). Los Angeles, in the 40’s

Charterhouse at Parma by Christian Jaque, based on a novel by Stendhal, with Renee Faure, 1948.

Francoise Arnoul (born Francoise Gautsch, in 1931), French Actress.

Flight Into Darkness by Anatole Litvak, based on a novel by Joseph Kessel, with Jean Pierre Aumont, 1935.

Jean Pierre Aumont (Jean Pierre Salomons, 1911 – 2001), French Actor.

Pierre Blanchar (1892 – 1963), French Actor and director.

Albert Prejean (1894 – 1979), French Actor.

Albert Prejean (1894 – 1979), French Actor.

Alla Nazimova, born Mariam Edez Adelaida Leventon, (1879 – 1945), Russian and American Actress, one of the most famous of silent movies.

Lya De Putti (1899 -1931), Hungarian film Actress of the silent era.

The Alibi by Pierre Chenal with Albert Prejean, 1937.

Dany Robin (1927 – 1995), French Actress.

Conrad Veidt (born Hans Walter Conrad Weidt, 1893 – 1943), German Actor.

Lya De Putti (1899 -1931), Hungarian film Actress of the silent era.

Meg Lemonnier (born Marguerite Clarte, 1905 – 1988), Actress, in 1932.

Galerien & künstler

  • Mass Customization und komplexe Produkt Konfiguration, Grüne Technologie.
    Mass Customization and Complex Product Configuration, Green Technology.

    Wir lassen die Zukunftsvision Industrie 4.0 Realität werden mit führenden Lösungen und voll automatisierten Workflows im Bereich Mass Customization und Produktpersonalisierung!
    Many people talk about Industry 4.0. We have made this vision of the future a reality with leading solutions and fully automated workflows in mass customization and product personalization!

    Made with Love in Germany. © B.J.Bartolome.
    Demoshop. Bestellungen werden nicht ausgeführt.
    Demo shop. Orders are not executed.
    Brief description: With one click a picture selection is converted into a product, the product is visualized automatically in an Online Designer. Complex Product Configurator and Online Designer: From product options and measurements, an individual product price is calculated in real time and automatic, rule-based and product-related workflow processes are generated – for all commercial and merchandise management processes, production control, marketing, logistics, customer communication, prepress and Communication between involved process partners (for example for dropshipping).
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